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Nirmand (Kashi of the Himalayas)
Visit one of the rarest sites in the world where the rituals are in practice for almost 4000 years, the village is one of the oldest and most thickly populated villages in ASIA, inhabited by only by Brahmins – the upper superior cast considered best among Hindus and houses some of the finest wooden and stone carved temples – still to be exposed to the world to explore.
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Call of the Jungle
The bollywood welcomes you to India to get lost in the magic of India with Modern Mumbai, inviting Caves of Elephanta, follow the king of the Jungle in National parks of Kanha and Bandhavgarh in the heart of India and make it even unforgettable experience with Taj Mahal and Palaces of Jaipur.
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Experience East
City of joy always been a place to be explored which leaves a magical spell with a strange combination of old and modern, with complex society, Hawra Bridge to Victoria Memorial, and temples on the banks of river Hubli. Darjeeling one of the most popular hill stations have enjoy views of majestic Kanchan Junga the 2nd highest peak on Himalayas, amazing monasteries in Gangtok, Kalimpong and onwards the Dragon land of Bhutan.
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Trans Himalayan Safari
Explore India with a diverse terrain to visit, one of the finest Hill Stations in Himalayas, City beautiful – Chandigarh and drive through the Highest Motorable road in the world, well balanced with Buddhist Monasteries and passes higher than 10,000 feet highest point to cross is at 15195 ft. best time July till October.
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Enjoy Goa
Goa – most exiting location on the banks of Arbian Sea with longest stretch of lovely beach line……great place to relax and enjoy the nature at its best with educating spice plantation tour..
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Best of Best
India also offers you one of the finest hotels to stay in while exploring great Palaces, Monuments, with touch of Indian hospitality at its best.
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Rejuvenate your Senses
Visit this part of the world, to give your complete rejuvenating experience, of body, mind and soul at finest location on the foot hills of Himalayas and on the banks of gigantic river Ganges.
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Magic of Mountains
Magical mountains range as part of Himalayas invites tourists all over the world, chance to revisit summer capital of India Shimla – Hill Station with British Accent. And Manali in the Kullu Valley popularly known as valley of gods.
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Haridwar & Golden Temple
Culture, Religion is very much integral part of History of India, and there are important sites of Religious Importance all over India, this tour well combines Golden Temple in Haridwar and threshold for Heaven at Haridwar on the banks of most sacred river for Hindus The Ganges.
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Chaar Dhaam
India where religion is the way of life, adventure is part of it, people walk bare feet for more than 600kms and trek up to hills up to 25kms to visit holy shrines, pay respect to deities. This tour is combination of trek up to some of the important shrines and visit temples, confluence of river Alaknanda and Bhagirathi.
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Tribal Tour
The tour combines the city of joy to Holy city of Bhubneshwar – land of Lord Jagannath, temples in puri and beach on the Gopal pur on sea, and visit the tribal belt of Orissa still live like the ancient time, learn their life style, rituals, and customs they follow.
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The Footsteps of Buddha
India has diverse religious sentiments, 80% of the population are Hindus – which has given birth to Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, this tour offers to follow the footsteps of Lord Budhha, in the popular Buddhist sector, well combined with visit to Taj Mahal
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